Why LEDs are better than other light sources

Why LEDs are better than other light sources

Why LEDs are better than other light sources

Why LEDs are better than other light sources. LED lighting is a new revaluation in electronics.  LEDs are better than the other lights like incandescent and CFLs in many ways. LED lights offer higher efficiency, increased durability, and significantly longer life than traditional light sources and come in different variety of design.

Compared to the present days traditional lighting technologies of Incandescent (light is produced by heating filament) and Compact Fluorescent (light is produced by exciting phosphors with mercury), LEDs produce visible light by passing current through a solid state diode.LEDs are better than other light sources. The diode converts electrical energy into photons, and the colour of the photon(light) can be identified by the selection of materials used for the diode.

Some benefits of using LED lights.

Lifespan: LED bulbs can last ten to twenty years. LEDs last for six to ten times longer than other types of lights, reducing the requirement for frequent replacements.

Safer Bulbs: In CFLs use mercury and phosphorous. Mercury is dangerous for health. LED bulbs do not use mercury or other toxic chemicals.

Free from UV Emissions: Most incandescent and CFL bulbs produce UV and infrared lights, but most LED bulbs are 99 to 100% UV-emissions free.

Unidirectional: LEDs emit light for 180 degrees. LEDs emit light in a specific direction, so this can be used where a narrow beam is required, reducing the need for reflectors to trap light.  All Incandescent and CFLs emit light in Omni direction. So for a specific direction reflector has to be used.

Comparatively Safer in handling: LEDs are much cooler than CFL and incandescent lights, which reduces the risk of combustion or burnt fingers.

Well built: Instead of glass epoxy lenses were used in LEDs and so these are much more resistant to breakage. CFL and incandescent lights are mostly made of glasses.

Efficiency check: LEDs are very efficient compared to others. Typical source efficiency ranges 37 and 120 lumens/watt.  Incandescent lights are less efficient because so much of the energy (90%) goes towards generating heat instead of light.

Emissions (Visible Spectrum): Incandescent lights emit a small portion of emissions as visible light and a larger portion is emitted as infrared. They are unable to convert most of the energy to visible lights. LEDs produce a narrow spectrum of visible light without any radiation of UV or heat. the most of the energy consumed by the light source is converted directly into visible light.

Infrared: Most of the incandescent lights emit infrared spectrum. LEDs do not produce that.

Heat: LEDs emit very little heat. Incandescent lights emit approximately 90% of their emissions as heat. It represents energy inefficiency.

Failure mode: LED lights generally operate with multiple diodes which emits light. The loss of one or two diodes does not mean failure of the entire luminaries. Incandescent lights generally stop working completely and all at once.

Lifetime Costs & Maintenance Costs: LED lighting are the relatively high price but last for longer time. Incandescent lights and CFL comparatively cheaper in the market but their lifespan is too short. Incandescent and CFLs will need to be purchased 20-50 times in order to get the equivalent lifespan of a single LED light.

Shockproof: LEDs are made of diodes so they are in solid state lights and cannot be damaged by physical shocks. On the other hand, Incandescent bulbs are fragile because they operate by using a filament in a glass bulb.

Size: LEDs are available in various size and shapes for diverse requirements.  On the other hand, Incandescent and CFL bulbs are restricted in size and shape.

Warm-Up period: Comparing to others LEDs need no warm-up time.

Warranty: LEDs are having a warranty of 2-5 years but Incandescent lights have none and CFLs have shorter time warranty.

Undoubtedly LEDs are better than other light sources. LED are available in varieties of design and colour choices, which can be adjusted according to our need. The LED technology is still rapidly developing and will be more efficient in near future years.


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